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Welcome to The Schwippy Christmas Tree, where you can control our Christmas tree lights from your computer. If you wish to change the state of any of our lights, simply use the buttons above.

You can view the webcam feed of our Christmas Tree in the box on the left, and you can chat with us and other viewers in the chat room to the right!

If you have a question, please check The FAQ Page first, its probably answered there!

To change your name in the chat room, type /nick username where 'username' is whatever you want it to be!

We're asking everyone to take a picture of a candy cane!. Here's what they've uploaded!





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12/24/08: The H3ITWP ornament came in the mail the day before yesterday and we finally took some pics of it for you guys! You guys rock, btw! H3ITWP Pictures
12/21/08: Our site was just featured on television. John Sanders, of NBC news in Baltimore, had a quick set about 'Extreme Holiday Decorations' on the morning news.
12/11/08: Our first ornament was donated today by the H3ITWP group. It is in the mail and will be on the tree soon! See the donators area for the H3ITWP link.
12/8/08: Modified train again. Took off front wheels and added back grushes that glide on the tracks behind the train. Works almost perfectly now :)
12/7/08: Had to modify the train. It kept falling off the tracks. To make it stay on better, I removed its body, and also took an angle grinder to its wheels. Works better now, but still has problems :(
12/1/08: Train and star are now working!
11/30/08: Tree is up and ready for action. New features this year are a train and star tree-topper. Train will be deactivated/unplugged at night, though, because its loud, and we enjoy our sleep.
11/29/08: Just finished reorganizing and CSSing the 2008 page. New webcam host at Justin.tv, because Ustream has ads blocked by Firefox's Adblock add-on, which caused the video not to show up at all. We're still using their IRC-enabled chat room, though! Tree soon!
11/12/08: We have started planning it all out! I just drilled a new port for an ethernet drop-down jack in our wall in the room that the tree will be in this year. (We moved into a new house since last Christmas by the way!)