Oops! Looks like you missed the tree this year :(
Dont worry though, you can come back next year and see what's new!
Until the next Light Show. Until then, feel free to control the lights, using the buttons below

On the Tree

Red Star Green
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Around the Windows

Gift Boxes

Left Center Right

Scrolling LED Sign

Move chat to upper right

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Welcome to The Schwippy Christmas Tree, where you can control our tree lights from your computer. If you wish to change the state of any of our lights, simply click the controls to the right of the webcam.

You can view the webcam feed of our Christmas Tree in the box on the left, and you can chat with us and other viewers in the chat room below the webcam feed!

If you have a question, please check The FAQ Page first, its probably answered there!

To change your name in the chat room, type /nick username where 'username' is whatever you want it to be!